Erik Lawrence


Erik's work as a certified sound and vibrational healer is based on study with many of the top sound and vibrational healers in America, several years of empathic work performing sound bath, kirtan and music guided meditation. In a life dedicated to music and compassion, healing with sound and vibration is the ultimate expression of his passion. His work as a saxophonist and flutist with master musicians from around the world has been a unique way for him to learn how music can transform and enlighten even large groups of listeners and participators. 

Erik's work is centered around tone and vibration, deep listening, empathic response. Erik works with tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, vocal toning, humming, and Medicine songs. At the core of his work, Erik will create melodies using a saxophone or flute during a session for personal heart based healing in response to what the client has to share and work on. These personalized melodies are recorded and can be made available as a remedy for the client to use in their own personal work.

Erik has applied his empathic, compassionate work to a wide range of clients needs, with both physical and emotional concerns, including Stress, Grief, Fear, managing life issues and crisis, Cancer care, recovery from pain, surgery, addiction, relationships, physical pain, emotional wellness, breathing issues, headaches, sinuses, tension and stress.